Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pretty Little Liars

does anyone watch pretty little liars? i can't decide whether i like this show or hate it but i know one thing for sure... i did not like the way the season finale ended...

here's some picture randomness.

this girl below reminds me of jenna from the show. lol

i'm just a girl in this world.

Also, my fellow Michigander, Mike Posner's CD came out today and it is AMAZING!

definitely check it out if you haven't heard him.

fly like a g6

yella umbrella!

peace out!

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Jasmine Lee said...

hey somehow ended up on your blog and saw this post. I watch pretty little liars and personally i love the show. I also love the fashion in the show! and that pic does remind me of jenna in the way that she is kinda mysterious and creepy lol.

visit my blog, if you'd like

xoxo, jaz

Collette Osuna said...

Just found your blog...wanted to say hi:)
Really nice pics.....Love your blog...really cute!!!

Jamie said...

I just actually started watching this show but I really like it!! I have to go back and catch the first few episodes but I am already looking forward to season 2!

♥lydia_isabelle♥ said...

i love that show!!! and i was kind of pissed with how it ended.. i mean why not just move away from the car? o why not txt the freaking name of "A"??? hahhaa I just hope that when it starts again she doesn't have amnesia caused by the impact of the car! cuz that would piss me off.!! lol