Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Little Pre Holiday Inspiration

do you?


ornaments or vacation destinations?
joy to the world...

palms up

have someone's back...

gingerbread people

live ya life...

yummy holiday drinks

la di dah

bake something festive

always read the instructions!

play some dreidle.

happy belated hannukah!

look for snow...

give and you shall receive.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a wonderful vacation to you all!!

xoxo, sbg

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let it snow...

It is currently snowing like there is no tomorrow.

ugh...snow would be a lot better if you had no place to be or if instead of a car you drove a sleigh... or a sled...

that's just not realistic though.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving, Hannukah and my Birthday, oh my!

There was Thanksgiving...
yup, lady gaga brought some food...

we all gave thanks!

then came the festival of lights, hannukah!

come light my menorah...

and then tomorrow it's my birthday!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Magazine Madness

WTF!?! Willow is pregnant? 

she is according to the national enquirer!

khloe and lamar on people magazine... why?!

And this is just something awesome...

you can now turn your facebook into a book.

This little website, Ninuku, can do this for you for just $24 a year.


now this is something odd...

there is a site called where you can vote on whether couples should have babies or abort them.

do you think these people should have a kid? they are the creators of the site.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Get your angel on...stills from the VS award show

I just saw these stills from the Victoria's Secret fashion show and it looks like it is going to be AMAZING!!!!


bubble wings and a bubble gun, yes please.

ella, ey 
 katy perry 

all this and a royal wedding!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Photocopy Romance

Hi Friends,

Sorry for being MIA. I have just been very busy with real life. I wanted to share with you this adorable Ray Ban commercial!!

What do you think?

And now for a wee bit about me Wednesday...

{one} do you collect anything? if so, what and how long have you been collecting? 
Headbands. I have always loved them. I think of myself as a modern day Blair Waldorf. I have collected headbands ever since i was a little girl.

{two} what is one cleaning tip that you swear by?  
Cleaning? Who does that? Chaos is the new clean.

{three} who would you call for bail money? 
My parents. haha, daddy.

{four} what is one thing you miss about being a kid?
I miss my biggest worries being school related. 

{five} name a few of your guilty pleasures. 
Chocalate. Candy. Starbucks. yummmmy. 

{six} how early do you start your holiday shopping? 
lol. i'm late for life!

{seven} what is a family tradition that you would like to pass on to your significant other/children? 
Micky' but really, it's all american and it's good enough for Brad and Angelina's kids. love it.

Also, late nights. 

what do you consider your greatest achievement?

Graduating college. :)

{nine} what do you do to pamper yourself? 

I love bi-weekly mani/pedis and enjoy getting my hair done.

{ten} if you were to start your own restaurant, what would it be called? 
Sari's Sweet Shoppe...LOL! In 8th grade spanish class I had to make a restaurant menu and I called mine, Sari's Azucar Shack! (azucar=sugar or sweet)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tiffany & Co. Love List

I absolutely love the new Tiffany & Co. silver ball bracelets. There are a few variations. It's a new take on an old classic!

which is your fave?! 


I saw this great etsy shop called the Poshbowtique and I just wanted to share some of my favorite things!