Sunday, September 28, 2014

Checking out Victoria's Secret Sport in Store!

Stopping by Victoria's Secret to check out the new VS sports bras in store! Such a great sports bra unlike any before. I love it and you should all check it out! 

My in store experience was great. The salespeople were very friendly and approachable. The store was neat and in order. It was easy to find what I was looking for. 
Here is my review of the Incredible:
I do like this sports bra but I have to agree with other reviews that this sports bra runs slightly small. I ordered this bra one size up after reading that many others said it was difficult to put on. Good thing I did because it definitely fits tight. This has pros and cons. The con is that it is a struggle to put on and off. The pro is once it's on, you are good to go. The Incredible offers great support and a good fit. There is a significant amount of padding in this sports bra though so be warned. 

*I was gifted one of these sports bras through Influenster and VS but all opinions expressed here are my own! #VSSportBra

Friday, September 19, 2014

Victoria's Secret Package #VSSportBra

There is nothing better than receiving free stuff...but I was especially excited to receive the new VS Sports Bra and some cropped pants and all these 25% off coupons!!! Can't wait to hit the gym...or lounge around my living room in yoga pants! 

*I received these products through Influenster to test! #VSSportBra #VSSportTester

Rimmel Influenster Champ!

So delighted to have received this package from Rimmel!!! So excited to try out their mascara, lip gloesses and eye liners!