Monday, June 16, 2014

L'oreal Extraordinate by Colour Riche = my new summer lipgloss

Today I got a package from Cosmopolitan. I tore it open and inside was a free L'oreal lipstick. I love free stuff but wasn't expecting much. I immediately tried the product. When I twisted it open, I realized this was a lipgloss in lipstick packaging, which was a happy surprise. The color is Blushing Harmony and was the perfect shade of pink. Not too light and not to bright. It goes on like a gloss and gives color that you would expect from a lipstick. Apparently, it has a revolutionary new formula: rich like a lipstick, shiny like a gloss and smooth like a balm. Basically it's the perfect no fuss lip gloss and the applicator goes on incredibly smooth. I want it in all 16 colors!!! Highly recommend!