Saturday, March 27, 2010

Go State!

Gotta give a shoutout to my alma mater, MSU!

They beat Northern Iowa and are going to the elite 8!

UPDATE: We beat Tennessee and we are going to the FINAL 4!

It's good to be a Spartan baby!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A, B, C, D...How do you like to read?

Call me old fashioned, but I can't imagine not having books. Perhaps, it's because I work for a publishing company, but I literally can't picture reading books, magazines or newspapers not in print. With that said, there have been a lot of technological advances in this area.

Let's look at some:

Which are you most likely to buy?

Blaze On Kim!

I really adore Kim Kardashian and her ability to pair a blazer with anything she wears; be it dress, jeans or leggings, she always looks chic.

Here are a few of my fave pictures of Kim rockin' the blazer.

Introducing Essie's New Spring Collection

I am head over heels in love with Essie's 2010 spring collection.

My personal favorite is Lilacism. This color is a pastel lavender and is perfect for spring and summer. It reminds me of an Easter egg, but don't worry, it looks great on your nails. It's subtle, yet different.

Loves it!

Jessica Penner, Bluest Skies

I am a bit obsessed with this song and basically everything about this ad. It is so feel good and fun. I'm sold.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let the Sun Shine!

It's a beautiful sunny day in Michigan which doesn't happen often. Gotta love it.

Here are a few summer necessities.

Sun hats
(Forever 21 pictured)

Big Sunglasses

(Tom Ford pictured)

Flip flops

(Tory Burch pictured)

Summer scarves

(Raji scarf via Kitson pictured)

Travie McCoy - "Billionaire"

Travie McCoy - "Billionaire": "Listen to Travie McCoy's new single 'Billionaire' before it hits the streets on March 9th."

I am obsessed with this song. McCoy is the lead singer of Gym Class Heros but this song is equally as good, if not better than Gym Class Hero music!

Loves it, do you?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book Club

I have a tendency to read like 5 different books at once. I cant help it. It always happens to me. I will start reading something but then I will want to read something else and then I get pulled into continual book A.D.D.

I am going to post 5 books I am or will be reading shortly.


My personality is Chelsea Handler meets Joan Rivers with less wasp and more Jew.

I'm an ad major, a fashion lover, a tv addict, a celeb gossip queen and a bit blog obsessed. I read so many, I figured why not start one as well?

I'm going to post lots of stuff. Stuff that inspires me, stuff i find interesting and just other random stuff.

So stay tuned.