Thursday, August 12, 2010

i'm not an artist but i like to play pretend

my magazine sketches

also, don't forget about the giveaway which ends on friday!


{Arianna Belle} said...

Nice job! A little trick an art teacher once taught me is to draw what you're trying to copy by looking at it upside down. Doing this quiets down the left side of the brain so you're not thinking "ok this is a nose so I have to make it look like a nose." Instead you're drawing lines, curves, etc (as opposed to mind-labeled forms).

SBG said...

haha i use the line graph trick so you can better place what goes where... but thanks for your advice! it may definitely come in handy!

Jasmine Lee said...

Hey girl thanks for visiting my blog, I'd love to have you back.

You've got such a cute blog here and amazing drawings!!

xoxo, jaz

Belle de Couture said...

You're a talented artist! :D
Keep it up!

If you ever need a muse, I'd be more than happy to let you draw me :) haha!

Great blog!
Thanks for the sweet comment!


Chas said...

Wow, awesome drawings!

Jill said...

These are fabulous!! Love the first picture you decided to sketch.

gina said...

Your better than I would be! You can definitely draw, girl! <3

xo, gina

Christy said...

Those are great!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Chicago definitely is a great city!

nostalgiart said...

Not bad! I like the first one a lot :)

Abby said...

Your sketches are really good. I think you're very talented!

michelle_ said...

woah your very talented there !
the sketches are lovely !

Kristin said...

What do you mean you aren't an artist? You're very talented!