Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Back, B*tches!

I'm back from Florida. It was a great time but it was seriously HOT as HELL. I got lots of sun... probably too much. So I am making a vacation must-have list.

One thing I learned for certain is that you should definitely wear sunscreen. Note to self: this does not include tanning oil with SPF15. FML.

Having a bit of a Kim Kardashian moment...

sunburn...luckily, my face isn't bad but my shoulders and back BURN.

Other things that you should definitely bring are plastic bags for lotions or makeup that might decide to leak onto your clothes during transit. FML again.

You should definitely pack books, magazines and an iPod.
you never know when the wifi on the plane will not be working...yup, happened as well.

And my iPod came in incredibly handy when the partially drunk guy behind me kept yelling random words in spanish. como te etc...



The Zhush said...

Cute post...will remember those bags now! Thx!

BenchesandChandeliers said...

kim's burn looks painful! cute blog :)

check out my new blog: if you’re interested!