Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The End of an Era


How different do they look? So many new faces. LOL.

The Hills ending is like the end of an era. Being the same age as Lauren Conrad, I always felt like I was friends with LC, Heidi and the rest of the Hills kids. Now that they have all split up and their show is ending it is very bitter sweet. Bitter because of the way they ended the show, which was a total buzzkill; Sweet because it was seriously the beginning of reality TV and it was great when it first began. I feel like even though the Hills was partially scripted, MTV really showed the growth of these people from high school to their 20s. Sure, there was drama, but what 20 year old doesn't have drama in their lives?

By the way, I think they should do a follow up show with all the people from Laguna who weren't on the Hills. I am curious as to what they do.

Below are the gorgeous girls of the Hills!

Whitney and LC, from Teen Vogue closet interns to fashion designers



mariska said...

hahaha,,they have changed,
i like LC too, but not a big fan.


Josie said...

I haven't watched in awhile, but I did love the first few seasons. So much has happened, and we've seen people like Lauren and Lo grow up (from Laguna to now) -- crazy!
xo Josie

Tara said...

i was SO disappointed with the finale! they couldnt even give us an hour for the last show? ugh.

Stephanie said...

Ok, first of all, this post makes me tear up. First my beloved SATC is donezo, and now Laguna/Hills is over. *sigh* I really teared up last night and started crying. I think I may have problems (and no it's not PMS).

PS Tara I think it should have been TWO hours!

LiLu said...

What'd you think of the ending with the pan out??

SBG said...

Hey guys,I absolutely hated the ending!!!! It made me so mad. I mean, sure, i figured that maybe the directors asked them to do certain things but seriously? a set? I would at least like to think that the story line was semi-real after watching it for over half a decade. such a cop out. :(

Katy said...

I was really sad when it ended! Sometimes I just watch to see what they're wearing, but I still enjoyed it! Wonder what MTV will come up with next (am I the only one who thought Kristen was going to get a spinoff show?)!