Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cameron in the City

Harper's Bazaar came in the mail today and I loved the photo shoot they did with Cameron Diaz. It looks  like she was taking on NYC. Larger than life. I love the outfits and the skyline and I especially love her picking up the taxi cab.

What do you think about this photoshoot?

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Juliet said...

Very beautiful editorial!

juliet xxx

Maria Teresa Iannucci said...

I hope to become my supporter as I've become you

Nikki said...

She is so gorgeous!!!


LA said...

mmm I don't like these shots so much... but I have to admit that Cameron is STUNNING


michelle_ said...

im not a real fan of these shots.. i find it kinda weird idk why :/

Fashion By He said...

she looks amazing, great post

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