Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And I Am A Material Girl...

So apparently, Macy's has let Madonna's daughter, Lourdes (aka Lola) launch her own clothing line... isn't that every 13 year old girl's dream? ::sigh::

Anyways, I checked it out and it arrives in stores on Aug 3, 2010!

Hi Lola!

Lola says she loves the 80s and that is pretty evident in her designs.

While i dig the jacket, i'm not feeling the tutu and I hope people don't wear this out to the movies and whatnot.

I love the big bow in her hair and I love her striped sleeve blazer, I am unsure about the sparkly tummy top.

I admit, I pretty much love everything about this red print mini tube dress. The heels are pretty cute as well. They kind of remind me of Minny Mouse.

Way to go Lourdes!


KcomeKarolina said...

love the shoes from t he last pic!
love your blog, i will come back soon!
thanx for your sweet comment.....hope you will visit me again!
xoxo from rome

Kendra said...

Lola is a cutie pie... too bad we don't all have moms with connections like Madonna! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Fashion Rehab said...

I wish my mum had connections :)
But i feel her clothingline is going to do great!!

Anonymous said...

love love love the shoes in the last pic! and good eye on the sam edelman shoes & my post! they inspired me to do another diy project.. hope they turn out! thanks :)

Emma said...

I love lourdes, can't wait to see the whole line!