Friday, November 7, 2014

The iPhone 6 Arrives

I just got my new iPhone 6 today in the mail after waiting nearly a month! I am so excited to have the latest iPhone I can't even tell you.

Here it is: gold 64gb, ready to capture my every moment... Pictures, texts, snaps, instas. I'm super excited for the extra storage space and for the gold color! It was love at first sight. 

One of the first differences I noticed was the finger scanner. This was confusing but very cool! Hopefully it will be useful and decrease theft and data being compromised. Apple pay also seems great. I'm a huge fan of the Starbucks app so to be able to pay for other things by phone sounds convenient. 

Here is the case I chose. It's something new and different. I liked that it had a magnetic cover. Kind of like a mini iPad case! I'm all about protection but I like a light case usually a soft silicone one. This case is the best of both worlds. It has gel sides and a hard back, half see through and the magnetic cover is bonus protection. 
Do you have an iPhone 6 yet? What's you favorite thing about it?

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