Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Victoria's Secret: Take 2

So because Influenster said the sport bra you received could be exchanged in store, I decided to take the Incredible back and see what the other options were like. As I posted in my last post, the Incredible offered maximum support but was slightly over padded for my tastes (especially for a sports bra.)

First thing I did was wait in line at the cashier to make sure they would allow me to exchange it with no receipt. I had email from Influenster that said I could do this without a problem but something told me it wasn't going to be this easy. The first person I talked to had never heard of this and kept asking for my credit card number so she could look up the purchase. When I tried to explain to her it came from Influenster and that I was gifted it, she just starred at me with confusion. She asked another person, who also was not familiar with Influenster and she contacted the manager. When she came back, she was semi apologetic and explained to the other cashier that Influenster was for "bloggers" to blog about the product. [[YUP! I'm considered a real blogger now. (CLAPS!)]] I think both cashiers were slightly concerned that they didn't know about this and had almost refused to honor my exchange, even though I had showed them email proof that I was supposed to be allowed to exchange the bra.

Anyways, after being told I could exchange the Incredible for any other sport bra, I went to town pulling 5 other sports bras to try on. I thought I wanted one that zipped up the front but had read some so-so reviews online. I was almost about to get another style with less padding and less coverage when an "Angel" named Delilah came to the fitting room and suggested I try one more style.

Cue the new Knockout by Victoria's Secret Front Close Sport Bra. It was love at first sight. This is almost like a bra within a bra. Wish they would make bathing suit tops like this. It is such a good fit and provides great support when working out. It also is tight without being suffocating like some of the other bras I tried on here. I'm very happy with my choice and can't wait to work out in it. Thanks #Influenster and #VictoriasSecret!

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