Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bad Experience with US Airways via Priceline

I'm a frequent flyer but am not really so brand loyal. I have a Spirit card but I rarely fly Spirit these days I am all about price and convenience. With that said, I had the absolute worst experience on my connecting flight from Philadelphia to Detroit tonight. The entire thing was a disaster. I had booked the flight roundtrip on Priceline because Priceline told me flights from DC to DTW were direct 100% of the time when you bid. Feeling like I couldn't go wrong, I bid on Priceline trying to save some money. Not a good plan. I ended up with not one connecting, flight but two. I did complain but apparently the fine print allows them to give you any flight and they would not help me out at all. I flight that should have taken 1 hour total ended up taking me 7.5 hours with travel time to and from the airport and connections/delays. Both flights I was given were connecting in Philadelphia and that wasn't even the worst part.

It was unlike anything that I have ever experienced on a flight. I was boarding my second flight and as I was boarding the plane, there was a loud angry, drunk lady complaining and obviously out of it. She was drunk and maybe on something. The guy behind her even glanced at me and said "I hope she's not sitting next to me." He was lucky and I was not because she ended up sitting in my row with no one in the middle seat to help. She tried to sit in first class when her ticket clearly showed her seat was near the back of the plane so the flight attendants were well aware that this lady was a problem waiting to happen. She had sat down on the the ground prior to boarding the flight. She was complaining about waiting in the line. She was sitting in the window seat and I had the aisle. At first she was sleeping in 2/3 of the seats in our row. I had the aisle seat so I didn't mind but I found it odd that no one reprimanded her or asked her to fasten her seat belt.

Before the plane took off, she was sifting through her bag looking for cigarettes. I thought this was odd but tried to ignore her. While we were waiting to take off, there was a maintenance issue on our flight and then a delay of about an hour. The already strange lady, who was clearly under the influence of drugs and alcohol, began to get upset and talk very loudly about a lot of nonsense. She said that if there's an electrical issue on the plane, they should let everyone off so the plane doesn't blow up. This was very disturbing as a passenger on the plane. People around were definitely annoyed but no one wanted to cause any trouble. The lady than went on to tell me she was a nurse and then a doctor and went on and on about stories that no one asked about. 

After being on the plane for about 1.5 hours, she screamed at the flight attendant and demanded to be let off the plane. When the flight attendant told her we were about to take off, she declared that she was a part of the "witness protection program." She then took out her pack of cigarettes, like she was going to light one and demanded to be let off the flight with or without her luggage. The flight attendant finally took notice of the situation and they let her off the plane. The damage was done though. Apparently, she told someone else up front "she was in the CIA." Third lie of the night. She ruined my flight and caused a huge disturbance to the back of the plane. The flight was also extremely turbulent and unsettling. I can not believe the crew would allow this behavior to go on for well over a hour and a half. It is unsettling to me.

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