Saturday, January 24, 2015

January Birchbox!

I was so happy to receive my January Birchbox and as an added bonus, the Birchbox book club book, Love, Lashes and Lipstick. This is the first time I have won a book and it came as a surprise!

Very excited to read it and I will blog about it when I'm done!

But first here are my product reviews for the Relax & Recharge box!

Balance Me, Wonder Eye Cream:
I'm always down to try a new eye cream as I have dark circles and a lack of sleep. I like the smell of this product and I also like that it is a multi-tasking product that can prevent fine lines and conquer dark circles. 

Manna Kadar, Lip Locked - All of Me:
I love this lip gloss. It is an all in one lip primer, stain and gloss and the color is perfection. I like this product so much more than the Stainiac lip stain, which I received in last month's box. The only problem I had was that it rubbed off on my teeth but once I blotted it, I was good to go. 

Briogeo, Don't Despair! Repair! Deep Hair Conditioning Mask:
I have not yet tried this product. Truthfully, I'm not a big fan of hair conditioning masks. I also hate the smell of this one. I will be open minded and give it a try but if my hair smells like this product, it's going in the garbage. Anyone else tried this yet?

Perlier, Nurturing Body Balm - Shea Lavender:
This is an Italian skincare product that I thought was a hand lotion. It turns out it is actually for dry skin. Perfect timing for winter. I like the smell and the packaging. It will be perfect for on the go use. 

When, Travelmate Sheet Mask:
I was excited to try out this face mask. I travel a lot and being on planes can sometimes cause break outs. The mask is literally a white sheet mask. I was expecting a cream. Be warned when applying, you are supposed to leave it on for 30 minutes according to the package. Birchbox's card said 20 minutes. You may want to plan some alone time to apply. It's a little scary looking. The mask itself was extremely lotiony. I left it on for 30 full minutes and when I took it off, there was still excess lotion to rub in. The directions said no need to wipe off so I let it sit. The next morning my face still felt a little sticky and not the normal smooth I get from washing off a typical face mask. I probably would not purchase this. Also, 4 of these cost $28. I would rather purchase a face mask lotion you apply by hand. I would get more use out of it and better results. 

Teapigs Tea Temples: * Bonus
These two tea temples were a bonus. I got two flavors, chamomile flowers and licorice and peppermint. I didn't love either of them. It was a cute package but I probably would not buy based off of these two flavors I received. Did anyone else get a flavor they liked?

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Chloe Logan said...

You are so lucky you got the Manna Kadar gloss! I LOVE lip stains, and have only heard great things about the brand.

Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest