Monday, January 12, 2015

Favorite Products Discovered in 2014

I love EOS lip balms. I love the convenient circle shape of the package and the texture of the product. It always leaves my lips feeling smooth and not balmy. This is why I had to purchase the limited edition Rachel Roy collection. These are new flavors and colors that no one else has. Flavors in this set include St. Barth's Sunrise - Pink Grapefruit, Aloha Hawaii - Strawberry Kiwi, and Indian Summer - Orange Blossom. I keep one of these in every purse I own and in all my makeup bags. It's my favorite lip balm and I think I have almost every color/flavor!

The NYX Wonder Stick is a great tool for highlighting and contouring. I had always tried to do this technique but the Wonder Stick makes it easy. It's a 2-in-1 product that keeps your face looking fantastic.

Frederic Fekkai Hair Fragrance has been a life changer. I straighten my hair constantly and sometimes it smells like it. I used to sometimes spritz my favorite perfume on my hair but I read that was very bad for your hair and that it damages it. I used to use shine spray for the scent but then Frederic Fekkai came out with these great hair fragrance mists. This one is rose scented and it works like a charm. 

What are you favorite product discoveries of 2014? 

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