Monday, September 11, 2017

Review of the Brand New Revlon® Salon 1875W 360° Dual Fast Dry Hair Dryer and Styler

When I saw this new Revlon hair dryer was coming out, I knew I needed to try it. I immediately ordered it from Target, the only retailer to have immediate access to it. I could find zero reviews online but it looks like a flat iron and a hair dryer in one. For a girl with curly hair, this looked like a dream come true. So how does it fare?

I have to admit, my expectations for this hair dryer were high. I should have known better with a $60 price tag, this is would likely not be a game changer. Nevertheless, I took a chance and bought it. I found that the heat from it doesn't feel nearly as hot as previously used blow dryers. Also, because of how the hair goes into the dryer, it doesn't seem like it straightens as well. It does dry the hair but the hair seems to be drying into curls. 

One nice feature is that you can turn the dryer so you can direct the heat out like a normal hair dryer. This may be the best feature. Overall, I wish I could say better things but this doesn't do what I wanted it to do. No use to straighten hair or give yourself a smooth blow out at home.

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