Saturday, October 24, 2015

c. Booth Review!

I had the opportunity to try a c. Booth product via Influenster so I obviously had a hard decision to make...pick just one! My decision was made semi easier because I did have some difficulty finding this product. After a Google search to find out what stores carried this product, I made my way to 2 separate Walgreens and 1 Ulta before I was able to find any c. Booth products. I think tried a random Rite Aid, which had 3 options. Two of them were body lotions and the 3rd was this all over body scrub. I'm always a fan of trying new products so I opted for this one vs. the standard body lotions. I'm glad I did. This scrub smells like the ocean when you open the container. It comes with a plastic top it's so fragrant. The product itself is a gel-like sea salt texture. I really liked the smell and texture. It smells very fresh and clean and it washes off quickly so there is no sticky residue leftover. I'm glad to have found this product because it makes me skin feel extremely soft.