Friday, March 20, 2015

Wet n Wild MegaLast Salon Nail Color

Under Your Spell (it's a dark red)
I am a bit of a nail snob and normally don't do my own nails. I usually frequent nail places and use OPI and Essie exclusively. This particular day, I couldn't get a manicure appt until Saturday and didn't want to go to work with chipped nails. I picked up this Wet N Wild polish because I liked the color and figured it would do for 1 day before I got my nails done. I was SHOCKED and surprised by how magnificent this brush was. I've never used a nail polish that was so easy to apply. The brush is really a pro manicurist brush and the polish dried very quickly and evenly. I didn't even need a top coat. I will buy this polish in every color it comes in. What a fantastic deal at $2.00 a piece and it is supposed to last at least 7 days. You can't beat this!

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