Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My very first Birchbox!

I'm so excited to get my very first Birchbox in the mail! I had been talking about Birchbox for months and then I got a subscription for my birthday. This is my welcome box.  

The first thing I noticed was that the box was much smaller than I expected. It looks a lot larger in photos and on the website. I was a little disappointed that I wasn't able to get the December box. I'm a huge Laguna Beach fan so I would definitely have picked Lo's box. 

Below is my welcome box from Birchbox!

Birchbox Welcome Box...happy to be a subscriber!

2 of my products came in that blue rounded corner box. I thought I only got 3 samples at first and was a little sad. 

Close up of the contents of the box!

What's inside?

Camille Beckman Platinume Gold Imperial Repair Hand Therapy
This product retails for $20 but the sample is very tiny. I don't have dry hands so I'm a little disappointed to receive this lotion. My sample also looks to be half empty. It looks like someone used some or that it may have evaporated. I did not find this product to be very moisturizing and my hands aren't too dry to begin with. It felt sticky and left my hands feeling more greasy than moisturized. It was supposed to smell like lemongrass vert and sparkling grapefruit but the smell is similar to that of dish soap... moving on.

Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris perfume sample
This full size product would be $110. I'm not too impressed with this sample as it is something you could get for free from a cosmetic counter. I do really like the scent though. It has an elegant smell and I would wear it during the day or at night.

The Balm Cosmetics Stainiac
I was intrigued by the lip and cheek stain but was greatly underwhelmed by it. I couldn't see it on my lips or cheeks. I put on a dot on each check and it rubbed right rosy blush to be seen. I'm really shocked it is one of Birchbox's most popular. Am I missing something here?

Coastal Scents Revealed Eye Shadow Palette
This full size product is $34. The Birchbox website shows the whole palette so I was expecting a bit more. I got the Latte palette sampler. It has 4 small shadows in various shades of brown and one gold. I would describe it as a neutral palette. I have brown eyes so I'm hopeful it will work well with my coloring. I like a shimmery eye so the one color I'm most excited about is the gold. I liked 2/4 of these colors. Two of the shadows did not stand out on me. I could not see them at all after applying. I would use the monotone gold or shimmery brown but the two other colors do nothing for me.

Caudalie Make-Up Remover Cleansing Water
Sigh. I hate to be a Debbie Downer with this last one but I use make up removing skin cleansing cloths daily to remove my makeup. That is one part of my makeup regime that I am not looking to change. I will say to the credit of this product that it smells pure and fresh and it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy as the last liquid makeup remover I used did, it was by Clinique. 

Overall, I'm not sure which of these products was the full size one. None of them were very big. I was very excited to receive Birchbox and I'm not sure it lived up to my expectations after this box. I'm hoping that it gets better next month or I may have to look into other subscriptions! 



Suzanne Miller said...

Hi Lovely! The welcome boxes are sometimes a hit or miss. I would encourage you not to despair just yet. Make sure go to and fill out your profile. That should definitely help make the next box waay better!

SBG said...

Thanks Suzanne! I hope so. I have another friend whose welcome box was A LOT more excited. I am waiting for my next 2 boxes and then I'm considering Ipsy.