Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Must Haves

From left to right:
1. Goody spin pins: perfect for the messy summer bun and the hottest thing for your hair since bumpit. I know, I will pretty much buy/try any new hair product that they throw on tv but spin pins actually really hold your hair up. Fight the war on ponytail lines with spin pins!

2. Metallic Red Chi Iron: I just bought this iron and as a Chi fanatic, I love it. You can use it to straighten or curl your hair and it gets hot super quickly. It also came with 2 nail polishes.

3. Purple nail polish (Nicole by O.P.I. Light A Candle shown): I love, love, love purple nail polished this season. Any shade or brand will do.

4. Floral reed diffusers: Scented candles are out of date so pick up some summery flower scented reeds to celebrate summer. (this one is available at Target)

5. Rubber duckies: They may belong in the bathtub but maybe it's time to bring yours to the pool. Bigger and better waters.


Marylena said...

I agree with everything**

Sarah said...

yay for rubber duckies! Loving the red iron too. i have no idea how those swirly things would work... xxx

Lisa Griffin said...

I've been thinking about getting those hair spins but i can't find them!

Giovanna ♥ said...

I agree too :) Thanks for sharing